Renée began her love affair with jewellery over 10 years ago as a way to channel her creative energy into something tangible and lasting. Creating one of a kind pieces for her friends and family, it wasn’t long before local boutiques started to notice and the enquiries began to roll in - and thus Hunter Gatherer was born. Within 6 months HG jewels were stocked in various boutiques across the Gold Coast and Hunter Gatherer continues to grow by the day with a huge online following.


The Hunter Gatherer customer can be described as the bohemian lovechild of a gypsy wanderer and edgy rock’n’roller. Drawing inspiration from Native American culture, symbolism and the beauty of nature. Renée loves working with crystals, metals, leathers, gemstones, and feathers to breathe organic life into her designs. Designing all her own charms, & sterling silver rings, and now a range of leather purses and clutches, customers can rely on Hunter Gatherer for unique and affordable metal & leather pieces.







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